Four Main Types Of Dramas


Have you ever thought about the emergence of dramas? If yes, the following article may be help you to answer that question.  Watch Pinoy Tambayan There are four main types of dramas which are very popular among people. Different dramas were emerged from different countries by different people.


First, we need to know the meanings of drama.

Drama is a fictional representation through dialogue and performance. Drama is also a type of a play written for theatres and T.V. Basically drama is an emotional, unexpected or a funny play.



There are different types of dramas few main types are discussed below;


Melo drama is basically a sensational piece of drama with exaggerated characters and everything in it is hyperbolized. They have some unpredictable twist in them.  This kind of dramas are having the bundle of emotions in them.

First appearance

A melodrama was first appeared in France, at the end of 18th century. Later it reached Britain and became most popular type of drama in 19th century. People at that time were mostly in the theatres for fun and enjoyment. So, dramas were very trending at that time.

  • Main point of melodrama

The main point of these dramas was to tell the stories to the audience but was to awaken the feelings of audience. Its purpose is to play on the feelings and emotions of the audience.

  • Themes Of melodrama

The themes of melodrama follow ideas of purity. Good is good. Bad is bad. Heroines are beautiful and young and heroes are dashing and handsome, but the villain is bad and scary. The heroes in the drama play the main role to save the heroine from the scary villain. In most of the melodrama villain wants to harm the heroine or wants to separate her from the hero but hero in the drama saves the heroine. Mostly, melodrama ends up happily.



Tragic dramas are basically explaining the pain, death, murders. There are different types of tragic dramas. They have different levels to. The table below tells about few of the types of tragic dramas and their levels;



Revenge tragedy



Roman tragedy





  • First appearance

First the tragic dramas were appeared in ancient Greece. Aristotle said; I believed that the main characteristic tragedy was the change of fortunes of main characters because of flaws.


  • Main points of tragic dramas

Tragic dramas are emotional. They arouse feelings in audience. They play an important role in describing the good and bad characteristics of people.



It is the type of drama which contains the both tragedy and comedy. Mostly, the characters in tragicomedy are hyper, and sometimes there might be a happy ending after a series of unfortunate events filled with jokes the story, just to make it funny as well. It is the type of dramas which are mostly used in the theatres and are loved by most of the people. Different things are happening at the same moment in this type of dramas.


  • Emergence

It was emerged a bit later, in times of roman empire. It was firstly written by a roman dramatist know as Plautus. Then after Plautus, it become very famous among the people.


  • Content

In this type of dramas, the content revolves around fun and tragic moments, for example a couple had to face many difficulties in their lives but also had to face different funny moments. This was another important type of drama.


The fourth and most important type of drama which had a great importance in todays life is comedy dramas. This type of dramas plays an important role in drama industry.


The drama that makes people laugh and entertains people and mostly have happy ending.


Mr. bean would be an excellent example of comedy dramas.

  • Appearance

Comedy firstly appeared as dramas and their trend went viral then. People loved to watch comedy shows.

  • content

the comedy drama plays an important role in drama industry as well as in todays busy and frustrating life. This is because today many people have no time to relax and have fun because of their busy lives so comedy dramas play best role to keep them calm and help the relax.

The comedy is a way to bring humor and produce happiness and laughter in plays and films and theaters. the first function of comedy is to entertain people and bring joy to Them. And sometimes, it plays an important role in exposing corrupt people or it also helps people to enjoy parodies of some people.


  • First comedy drama of T.V

The very first T.V show was Pin wright’s Progress; ten episodes being broadcast on the BBC between 1946 - 1947.

After that, many different dramas were broadcasted later. Comedy became an addiction now-a-days among people. It is due to the different episodes of drama. Every episode brings something new and different from the previous one.


  • Features of comedy

1- Jumping conclusions

2- Silly mistakes

3- Mistaken identities

4- Poking

5- Parodies



Each of the type has its own importance and every type is different from one and other. Each is emerged from different location and different time. Without any one of these types drama industry is incomplete.

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